How To Print Your Plans

Use these free files to make replacement parts, or Scratch Build an entire plane. 

Note to print on standard 8.5x11 paper 

 After downloading open the PDF with Adobe and make sure that your settings are  

1 - Click Poster     2 - Scale 100%      3 - Checked Cut Marks

AvTim's Sonex RC

To Cute!  My brother built one of the Full Scale Sonex "Onex" Aircraft.  I wanted to create a foam board plane for him to play with different color schemes.  I just love looking at this cute little guy.  It is not exactly "scale" to any one Sonex aircraft models but its close enough to call stand off scale.  I imagine builders could make variations of this plan to look like any one of the particular Sonex planes, I'd like to play with a V-Tail.

I haven't gotten to maiden this yet so here are the Free Plans, Build at your own risk LOL. 

I hope to have some flight tests, build video and kits available soon. Check back 

Sonex Sheet 1 (pdf)


Sonex Sheet 2 (pdf)


Sonex Sheet 3 Card (pdf)


Sonex Sheet 4 Card (pdf)